Reactive Hydrodynamics

Disruptive Solutions for Infrastructure and Resource Optimization


BioFlume specializes in the development of novel and disruptive solutions for the optimization/protection of infrastructure and natural resource assets. We deliver bespoke solutions and intellectual property to clients, particularly in the civil, industrial, energy and defence sectors.

We deliver order-of-magnitude performance and cost/benefit improvements to existing infrastructure options, and novel designs for "intractable" problems. Our designs are based on a profound understanding and practical experience of contemporary best practices, as well as ground-breaking research that has been called 'internationally excellent' and 'world-leading'1.

By developing products that respect and harness natural systems, BioFlume is helping to bring better performing, more cost-effective and more sustainable infrastructure to industries, governments and people around the world.






Thank you for your interest in BioFlume. We're happy to talk about what we do and how it applies to the situations of current and prospective clients. As a starting point, please use this form below to send us any questions, or for instance if you'd like to tell us about your intended applications. We read all submissions and follow-up promptly.

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Some Photos used or adapted under the 'Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license:
Algae simulation photos courtesy of;
Sluice Riffle photos courtesy of Daniel Beckwitt
Digesters photos courtesy of Mike Steinhoff;
Anaerobic Biofilm photos courtesy of 'KoiQuestion'
Bacterial (E.Coli) photos courtesy of 'NIAID'; Yellowstone photos courtesy of Timothy Pearce;